Open Water Swimsafer Course

Open Water Swimsafer


Commanding the swimming pool is one thing,
but conquering the open water is a totally different scenario.


What is SwimSafer Open Water?

SwimSafer Open Water is a new module of the national water safety programme known as SwimSafer. This module teaches you the proper swimming techniques and survival skills in the open water. Upon completion of this module, you will be more educated on the risks and dangers in open water compared to the swimming pool.


Why Should I Enrol in This Module?

The main purpose of this module is to reduce the risk of drowning in open waters.  Majority of drowning occurs in the open water. The reason is that the open water is much more unpredictable and harsher compared to the usual swimming pools. By enrolling yourself or your child into this module, you will be equipped with the necessary survival skills, which can potentially save your life or that of someone else. Furthermore, you will be taught in a real life environment and not a simulated one in order to enhance your learning experience.


Who is SwimSafer Open Water For?

SwimSafer Open Water is for any Singaporeans (children or adults) who are water sports enthusiasts and/or anyone keen in learning open water survival skills.


What are the Pre-requisites Required Before Enrolling?

Before registering for this module, you are required to attain the Bronze qualification of the SwimSafer programme. You should already have the knowledge of basic swimming skills, water survival skills and life saving skills in the normal swimming pool conditions.


Where and When are the Lessons Conducted?

Lessons will be conducted at East Coast Park. It is the current and only location available for now. However, we will definitely keep you updated should we have the opportunity to expand to other venues. For the schedule of our lessons, kindly contact us for more information.


Why Happy Fish Swim School?

We have more than 250 certified swimming instructors and counting who are registered with us. We have been in the industry since 2007 and are committed to providing you with superior swimming lessons and a memorable experience. Apart from that, we have successfully equipped more than 10,000 students with swimming skills and knowledge. Furthermore, we have also been following the SwimSafer syllabus since it was implemented.

Training Details


Venue:East Coast Park
Timing:Sunday 9am
Duration:60 minutes per lesson
Age Group:No Limit
Frequency:Once a week
Fees:SGD300 per 12 Lessons
:Inclusive: Life guard fee

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