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Child left to play alone nearly drown in pool

    Recently there is a video of a child being left to play alone near a pool on the 28 March 2014, which eventually result with the child nearly drowning. This video went viral on various social media and many could not help but to shake their head upon watching.   What happened? From the video,

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    NUS Triathletes’ Brazilian Challenge

      Tonight, Jonathan Ng, Justin Kwan and Jonathan Tan will take the long 30-hour flight to Brazil to participate in the upcoming 12th World University Triathlon Championships on Sunday. They will be representing National University of Singapore (NUS) as well as Singapore against 100 student-athletes from 17 countries in this biennial meet. Last September at the Cold Storage Singapore International Triathlon,

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      Mother and Son Drown After Driving into Flood

        On Saturday afternoon, the bodies of Jana Payton, 24, and her son Bronson Liggett, 5, were found in a flooded field. They were driving along with a third person when they became stranded in flood waters around 1:30am after midnight. The other lady swam out to try and get help while Jana and her son climbed on the

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        Water Polo Player Drowned in Pool

          Nick Johnson, a 19-year-old water polo player and active lifeguard, drowned over the weekends while simply swimming laps in an ordinary pool. The news came as a shock as the teenager was swimming alongside the Santa Barbara High School swim team when the accident occurred. Initially, the coroner’s report stated the cause of death as “accidental drowning,” an extremely vague

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          11-Year-Old Drowned Trying to Rescue Sister

            Last Thursday evening, 11-year-old, Randez Brown drowned while trying to rescue his sister from a pond near Interstate 77. It was less than half a mile from their home in the Southside Homes neighbourhood in United States. His 7-year-old sister, Shamiyah Brown, was in critical condition on Friday afternoon in the CMC Intensive Care Unit. According to family members,

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            Man Drowns in Suburban Pond

              On Saturday afternoon, a suburban Lake Worth man drowned when he tried to retrieve a remote-controlled boat from his neighborhood pond. According to authorities and neighbours in Palm Beach Plantation, a community at Lantana and Hagen Ranch roads west of Palm Beach County Park Airport, the man’s boat had capsized near the pond’s fountain at about 4:30 p.m.

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              Star-studded Line-up for Singapore Swim Stars

                Olympic champions such as Ruta Meilutyte, Cesar Cielo, Anthony Ervin and Ryan Lochte should be familiar names for fans of swimming. These are also the names currently set to be a part of the first major international swimming meet at the Sports Hub,..

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                Swimming Away Excess Flab

                  Just like any other festivities commonly observed in Singapore and Malaysia, the most recent Chinese New Year holidays were an awesome opportunity for family and friends to catch up with one another. Things usually begin with the requisite reunion dinner on the..

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