The new Channel 8 TV series, No Limits (泳闯琴关), has drawn many viewers and, at the same time, developed interest in learning to swim for many of Singaporeans. Compared to the previous swimming drama series, The Champion (任我遨游), the plot of No Limits is closer to daily swimming life. The story involves swimming instruction, the swimming school’s affairs, swimming competitions, and other swimming stories that surrounded a swimmer’s life. Viewers will better understand a swimmer’s life after watching this show.

It is also a great breakthrough for Felicia Chin, the female lead of this drama series in terms of her acting skills improving since the last show, The Champion. It’s not just Felicia because all the actresses on this show have put in an effort to learn swimming in order to make their role more believable. For most of the scenes, the actresses were swimming without using a stand-in. Compared to all the previous swimming dramas, this is a great improvement!

There were also some important lessons to learn in this drama, such as “a good swimming instructor doesn’t need to be top swimmer” and “don’t just teach children to swim; teach them to love swimming too.” I believe this will help those who are learning to swim to have a better understanding of what it’s about. Through this show, more people have started to develop their interest in swimming. Some have even signed up for swimming lessons. Especially for ladies swimming class.

Two thumbs up for this highly recommended show! For those who missed this show or live outside Singapore and can’t catch this show, here’s the link to watch it online:

泳闯琴关 No Limits