If you think that your life is worse than others, think again. There are always other unfortunate people out there. This is the reason why Bradley Taylor, a 10 year old child from Handsworth Road, North Shore wants to help in any way possible.


His mission is to raise hundreds of pounds for Donna’s Dreamhouse. He intends to accomplish this by embarking on a swimming challenge, where he will undertake 50 lengths of Moor Park swimming pool in Bispham. This will take place on 12th of March. In fact, Bradley is merely a Bispham Endowed Primary School student. After finding out about the charity’s plight in The Gazette, he set his sights on raising funds for the swim. This was what he said, “I want to help charities any way I can and when I found out about Donna’s Dreamhouse I decided to help them. I thought it was very bad what had happened and I knew straight away I wanted to help.”

Donna’s Dreamhouse helps to give respite to terminally ill children and their families. What actually happened was that last year before Christmas, a fire destroyed part of the Chapel Street building as well as the Christmas presents for the children, and pictures and mementoes of Donna Curtis, who the charity was actually set up in memory of. Although the public has contributed some funds to help in the repair works and re-building, Bradley still feels that he can help further. So far, he has raised £230 to go towards re-building of the charity’s home. For the full article, click here.

The truth is that there aren’t many young children out there who share the same thinking as Bradley. This is a value that has to be cultivated since young. According to Bradley’s father, Jason Taylor encourages all of his sons to try to help charitable causes whenever they can. This is something that we as parents can do to help promote better morals and values in our child. It might not seem like a big deal at first, but it is actually because of little things like this that can cause children to differ in their behaviour. Hence, it is never too early to start!

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