Over the weekends, nine individuals on board a 23-foot boat along with another two individuals riding the waves on a jet ski suddenly found themselves in the water after their boats were capsized. “At first I was in shock that the jet ski turned completely over as I’ve done a couple times, but then when the smaller passenger vessel turned over I was in a bit of shock,” described Sean Penny, a witness to the incident.

“The police department and the Coast Guard arrived on the scene where the boat sank and started to pull people out of the water,” stated Miami Fire Rescue Lt. Ignatius Carroll. Both the boat as well as the jet skis flipped in the inlet just next to the American Airlines Arena, which was situated close to the Port of Miami bridge in Florida. The incident occurred at approximately 6pm on Saturday.

“They said that wave came through and started putting water on the boat. When they tried to move around to get out of the way and balance the boat out, the boat sank,” said Lt. Ignatius. Calls started to come in from dozens of witnesses. Eventually, fire boats arrived at the scene and the rescuers were able to pull everyone up to safety from the water. One of the most determining factor that had everyone safe and alive was that each individual in the incident was capable of holding their own. All of them had knowledge of swimming skills and were able to keep themselves afloat the entire time.

“They said it all happened so fast that they didn’t have time to grab life preserver’s that were on the boat, but luckily everybody was able to swim,” explained Lt. Ignatius. Aside from the two individuals, who were on the jet ski, that were treated for minor injuries, everyone else managed to walk away from the accident without any injuries. At the moment, the Miami Fire Rescue officials are still looking into what actually caused the wave and if it could have been avoided at all. For the full story as well as a video, you can take a look over here.

Happy Fish Swim School would like to remind everyone of the importance of having swimming skills. This incident could have been a lot worse if those people did not know how to swim. Thankfully, their knowledge prevent any tragedy from occurring. So, do consider taking up swimming lessons from a qualified instructor.