That’s how long it took three fishermen to swim to safety after their fishing trip took a turn of events. The group of three included two 32 year old male adults and a 17 year old teenage girl. The worst part of it all was that the incident occurred at night about 9pm.

They were actually in Dalrymple Bay when the incident occurred. The sea was rough and the wind was strong at that point of time. They attempted to anchor their boat about two kilometres off the coast. However, they were knocked over by a strong wave. This is how unpredictable and strong open waters can be, especially when you’re in the middle of the sea.

Eventually, one of the 32 year old man decided to stay with the boat, while the other pair put on their life jackets and tried swimming to pylons about 30 metres away. Unfortunately, the current was too strong and swept them away. This caused them to be stranded in the sea for six hours. Somehow and someway, the pair managed to make it to shore at an unknown location near Louisa Creek.

As for their friend who stayed with the boat, he managed to get to Round Top Island after abandoning their boat. He was found by other fishermen who were passing by around 7am in the morning. It was also at this point of time when he alerted the police and rescue team about the missing pair.

This started an air and water search for the pair, who were only found about 9am at the Louisa Creek house where they had been staying. In fact, they had only reached there 10 minutes before. According to them, they were actually resting on shore for a few hours before they started to seek help. The man stated that they were woken up and helped by another boatie, who took them to where they eventually ended up in.

The constable agreed that all three of them were lucky to make it through the night. He also stated that, “The smartest thing they did was put lifejackets on before they left the boat… it probably saved their lives.” The full article can be read from here.

The truth of the matter is people tend to overlook and underestimate the importance of a life jacket. They do not realise that it can potentially save their lives. Hence, always remember to have a life jacket standby with you should you decide to head out into the open waters. To gear yourself up for the open waters, do check out the swimming lessons that Happy Fish Swim School has to offer. By arming yourself with these necessary skills, you’ll be better prepared for the open waters.