Two Vietnamese ladies narrowly escaped from drowning after their car ended up in Lake Ray Hubbard, Texas. They only have Kevin Rowan, a local police official to thank for saving their lives.

On Saturday, just passed midnight, at about 1am, the ladies were heading for home after an evening out. Unfortunately, they got lost and ended up at Lake Ray Hubbard. The incident happened when the driver was talking to her dad over the phone. Their car ended up driving down a boat ramp and into the lake. One of them even mentioned that she thought she was going to die.

Thankfully, Kevin Rowan was doing his patrol and managed to spot the car’s brake lights above the water. Immediately, he swum out to the vehicle and break the rear window in order to get them out. He recalled them screaming for help and telling him that they can’t swim. Luckily, Kevin managed to get them out from the car, held onto them and swim back safely to shore. If it wasn’t for him, even if they managed to get out of the car, they might not even be able to make it back safely to shore.

The main reason is because they are unable to swim. Can you imagine if Kevin wasn’t there at that point of time? It would have been another case of a tragic drowning. However, if they were able to swim and managed to get out of the car, they might still be able to swim back safely to shore. This explains how useful and crucial it is to have swimming skills. Somehow, Kevin was able to gather enough strength to get both of them back to shore safely in one trip. If he had to make two trips, one of them might not even be still alive.

This also shows that lifesaving skills can be helpful and potentially help to save others. The truth is that it isn’t an easy task to save someone from drowning and getting him/her back to shore safely, let alone save two people. Without the proper knowledge and technique, you might end up endangering their lives instead. Imagine what could have happened if Kevin didn’t have the necessary skills? He could end up in trouble himself as well.

With this, Happy Fish Swim School would like everyone to understand the importance of swimming and lifesaving. Always be prepared by arming yourself with swimming knowledge and skills. You will never know when they can come in handy for yourself or towards others.