Many parents are skeptical about allowing their precious newborn to learn to swim. However, London Baby Swim school begs to differ. They stated that newborns are perfectly prepared for an aquatic environment since they have already been in the womb for nine months. Hence, they decided to open UK’s first  purpose-built centre solely for babies as young as six weeks old!

Their rationale is since babies have already managed to survive approximately nine months in a water environment from their mother’s womb, then they should already be prepared to swim from birth. The school also realise that most parents sign their babies up for lessons for the sole purpose of water safety. However, many parents do not realise that there are many other hidden benefits that come along too. These advantages can be physically, intellectually, language development, emotionally and socially apart from developing their abilities in the water.

So how is this pool special from the normal pools? Firstly, it contains up to 10,000 gallons heated to a 33cc. Secondly, it is four foot deep and can hold up to eight babies at a given time. Thirdly, special UV lights are used to ensure the water is pure and decrease the amount of chlorine. Hence, the water will be suitable for the sensitive skins of babies.

The school emphasize on teaching the babies how to turn, submerge and float before proceeding to teach them to crawl, both in the water and on land. Before being able to qualify to teach at the London Baby Swim school, instructors have to go through a five week induction course to ensure that they are capable in handling the babies in the pool. For the full article, feel free to read it HERE!

Just like the instructors of London Baby Swim school, Happy Fish Swim School’s instructors have to be certified before they are assigned any classes. As mentioned above, babies as young as six week old are already learning to swim! So why not give your baby this opportunity to experience growth and reap the benefits at the same time? If you’re ready to give your baby this chance, be sure to check out our Infant Aquatics classes, which are starting this month! That’s right, what better way to start off the last month of the year? Visit our website today for more details!