The Happy Fish Story

Our Mission Statement

Happy Fish is a socially responsible company providing swimming lessons to all ages by building environmentally friendly indoor swimming pools, open engagement with the communities, inspire other swim schools to provide positive impact to people and communities through its activities.

The Story of Happy Fish…

Building water confidence and skillsets for happy swimmers since 2007

We offer swimming lessons for people of all ages and standards. Our mission is to equip everyone with swimming skills. Be it private one-to-one lesson or bigger group class, we hope to turn all non-swimmers to swimmers with relax and enjoyable learning experience.

Creating Solutions That Work

Happy Fish began with one swimming instructor, carrying a dream to introduce efficacious swimming lessons so as to take a step towards reducing deaths due to drowning. We’re now a 300-strong team, working towards the next step of branching out to 10 countries in Asia so more people have a chance to swim, and eventually building our first sports school.

Fight Fear, Swim Confidently

When we first started, Happy Fish carried out a quick survey and discovered that over 70% of locals did not know how to swim. It also became distressing to hear a rising number of drowning deaths in Singapore. Also, a 11 March 2016 Straits Times piece shared that KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital reported 104 incidents where children either almost drowned or ended up dying at condominium pools. This number was for between 2011 to 2015.

Our heart is to do our part to prevent these accidents by providing effective swimming lessons helmed by certified instructors.

Flexible and Reliable

From six months’ young to sixty years old, from the underwater bubble blower to the competitive swimmer, every learner is given the same amount of attention. Instructors are well versed not only in swim methodologies, they are also intuitive to mould existing teaching curriculum that’ll be appropriate for an individual’s learning aptitude and progress.

Leave No Swimmer Behind

We believe that every person has the innate ability to swim – which is why we are one of the few schools who accepts infants as young as 4 months old. We also believe that no one should be denied their chance to learn how to swim, thus opening slots for special needs individuals too.

Making Competitive Waves

For the swimmers who are looking to take their physical strength and techniques to a professional level, Happy Fish is right on hand to help you get your game on: whether for competitive swimming or completing triathlons.

Family Oriented

UNICEF (Unite For Children) tells us that the period spanning from infancy to 8 years of age is crucial in developing your child’s social, emotional, cognitive and physical development. This is why we adhere strictly to a 1:1 ratio for all our students. Firstly, it provides an effortless bonding opportunity between parent and child. Secondly, a parent’s or family member’s presence significantly reduces any anxieties the child might have at the onset. Thirdly, a simple session in the waters may double up as a stress-reliever too.

We are glad that we made many friends along our journey…

Can Babies Swim?!

This cute video is for parents or future parents!

Not everyday do you see babies learning how to swim and interacting with water for the first time ever!

Baby swimming seems like a new field and I couldn’t be happier to cover it with Jack and Jacklyn from Happy Fish Swim School in Singapore!

They have been watching Nas Daily for hundreds of days, so I’m glad we finally got to connect and make a video about their work! Thank you and keep up the good work!

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P.S It goes without saying: this video is not sponsored! It’s only sponsored by love and appreciation! 🙂

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