Is it important to learn different swimming strokes? Or is it just a waste of time?

Perhaps this might have come to your mind before.

Take for example, you may be proficient in breast stroke already, but you might wonder if it is necessary to learn the butterfly stroke.


There are definitely numerous benefits to learning different swim strokes.

Therefore it is entirely up to you to decide if it is worth investing in.
  1. Different swim strokes will give you a better workout as you tend to use more muscles
  2. Swimming injuries are reduced as you do not stress your body with the same movements
  3. You will feel that it’s much more fun and exciting as you don’t always stick to the same stroke
  4. By learning a new stroke, it can help you perform better in existing strokes especially your movements
  5. Different strokes focus on different requirements. For example, freestyle gives you more speed to complete a lap. However, if you’re tired, you can always switch to the backstroke to relax and gain back your energy.

In conclusion, try picking up the different strokes. It can really benefit you as a swimmer and give you more available options. This will make you want to visit the pool more often!