Swimming a mile in a lake can be quite a challenging task to accomplish, especially when there are so many factors to take into consideration. These factors can include the current, the wind direction and so fourth. Not to mention, there is still the unpredictability of the water. So you can imagine how much tougher it would be to swim a mile in the freezing waters of Lake Windermere. This is exactly what Haydn Welch, a jeweller from Taunton, England plans to accomplish.



The 55-year-old will only be allowed to wear a standard swimming costume while attempting the entire swim. If he is successful, then he will become a member of the International Ice Swimming Association, one of the world’s most elite clubs. “The real issue with swimming one mile in icy temperatures, is not simply a matter of how long it might take. The closer the water comes to freezing, the more it hurts. Retaining resolve to stay in past the first few minutes is the toughest part and as the water approaches freezing, the more impossible a mile becomes,” he explained.

During his own training and in preparations for the swim, which is set to take place on February 2nd, Haydn has been breaking the solid sheet of ice covering his pool at his own home before entering in. Through this, he is mentally preparing and acclimatising himself to swimming at a temperature of four degrees. However, as the temperature during winter gradually decreases, Haydn is hoping that he doesn’t have to swim in a temperature of zero on the big day itself.

Haydn is in fact no stranger to unusual swimming adventures. He was actually the very first person in the world to swim the English Channel, backstroke and has also held the UK record for the longest distance ever to be swam underwater without breathing. He is attempting this Ice Mile swim on behalf of CoppaFeel, a breast cancer awareness charity. As for the costs involved, they have been sponsored by Ice Watches. For the full story, you can read it here. Alternatively, you can check out his very own website at www.haydnwelch.co.uk.

In Singapore, we do not have the winter season, so you won’t have to worry about freezing yourself off when you jump into the pool. It is naturally summer all year round, making it perfect for swimming anytime. At Happy Fish Swim School, we offer a variety of swimming lessons. Feel free to check our website for more information.