Normally, a popular author would be driven to his book signing in an extremely glamorous manner. Some would even have a red carpet pulled out just for them. Well, Jaimal Yogis is so not like any of them. The San Francisco journalist and surfer’s method of getting to a book signing is probably going to go down as one of the most unique and tiring of all. His plan is to swim a total of 2.4 miles to his book signing.

Jaimal plans to sign books as well as talk about The Fear Project: What Our Most Primal Emotion Taught Me about Survival, Success, Surfing…and Love after his swim. In fact, you will be able to catch the swim live online as he make his way across the San Francisco Bay. Swimming in such a cold environment is probably not the most ideal or common way to arrive at one’s first ever book signing, especially if it is during the night of a winter season. Yes, you can imagine how low temperatures can actually go to.

He will be setting off at 4:15pm along with Jamie Patrick, who is a famous ultra swimmer and one of the elite athletes that Jaimal included in his book. They plan to conquer the 2.4-mile length of the Bay Bridge between Yerba Buena Island and the Embarcadero. After which, they will climb ashore to make it in time for Jaimal’s first signing and talk at Book Passage in the San Francisco Ferry Building, which is set to begin at 6:30pm.

This book promotion route is not one that will be recommended to other writers to try. There will definitely be safety precautions that the author have to observe during this swim. In the opening chapter of The Fear Project, Jaimal describes an Alcatraz adventure swim with Jamie that nearly ends up terribly wrong. “We learned our lesson. We’re going to do this safely. We let the Coast Guard know exactly what we’re up to, and my dad, Jim Patrick, a lifelong sailor, will be following us the whole way in his boat,” emphasised Jamie. If you would like to read more of the story, you can do so here.

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