Do you believe that swimming in the rain can lead you to catch a cold? If your answer is no, you are correct!

You will have higher chance catching a cold if you stand in the rain for a sufficient amount of time because your body temperature will be lowered below normal. And, when your temperature drops below normal, it becomes easier for viruses and bacteria to attack. Since you go swimming when you are hot, your body temperature is not as likely to drop below normal, so you are less likely to become ill.

Most people don’t swim in the rain. However, a swimmer needs to know how to swim despite the weather conditions. The majority of water accidents happen during bad weather conditions, such as raining or a thunderstorm. Hence, if you are still not familiar about how to swim in the rain, do it now! Make it a habit today and nothing can stop you again!

The public swimming complex in Singapore has been very crowded since most people don’t swim in the rain. It simply means that you can enjoy a bigger space in the pool. Don’t limit yourself! Swim in the rain — except thunderstorms of course!