On Tuesday, one of the wettest weather spell in Oman claimed the lives of another four. Two brothers, aged 17 and 19, were reported to have  drowned in flood waters in the Dhank district of Dhahirah region, which was considered to be one of the worst affected areas by the current rainy spell. The two latest deaths brings the total number of fatalities linked to the adverse weather conditions in Oman up to eight.

Apart from the two brothers, another two children, both just three years of age, drowned in a pool at a farm in the Saham district, which is along the country’s northern Batinah coast. As of now, it has yet to be confirmed that this drowning was rain-related as well. The reason being that most farms along the fertile Batinah coastal plain have open water tanks that are also being used as private swimming pools. According to the Royal Oman Police (ROP), both the children were already gone when they were brought into the hospital. It was their parents who discovered them in the 2.5-metre-deep pool after they realised that they were missing. This tragic incident prompted the authorities to remind parents to not leave their children unsupervised around water bodies.

The flooding throughout the entire country has been quite a huge concern. In the capital city of Muscat, an emergency services team was called up to evacuate around 30 schoolchildren. They were trapped inside a school bus after it got stuck in a flooded street in the Al Khuwair district. The heavy and relentless downpour also resulted in some streets being impassable. On Tuesday morning, workers as well as emergency crews assisted in clearing stranded vehicles and other debris that had clogged up the roads. At the same time, disaster management authorities help to dispatch food and other relief supplies to the Dhahirah region, which has suffered the worst so far during this rain spell. In fact, overflowing wadis and inundation have forced quite a significant number of people to be evacuated to temporary shelters. So far, a total of six schools have already been transformed into makeshift shelters to house the evacuees. For more of the story, you can check it out here.

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