“In much of Queensland learning to swim is just about important as learning to walk.” This is according to Premier Anna Bligh of Queensland, Australia. She believes in her policy of providing ten free swimming lessons from a certified instructor for every Queensland family with a child under four years of age. This can help to give children more confidence in and around water. She also feels that it can potentially help to save more lives and prevent more drowning incidents from occurring. Swim Australia has agreed that her policy is a ‘vital’ initiative.


However, she did mention that even though the 10 free lessons would give children with a strong foundation in learning the techniques, it would not cut out childhood drowning altogether. She said, “we can’t guarantee that no child will drown but the more we can give them water skills, the safer they will be.” Now, this is very true as we are aware of how babies can drown easily in a matter of a split second. With the aid of swimming lessons, they will be armed with skills that teaches them to float and get back to the surface.

In those 10 lessons, the babies will be taught on water familiarisation, bouyancy skills, general water safety and survival skills. In all, this plan will cost approximately $77m. Although this is a huge amount of money, the outcomes and rewards are way more beneficial. Click HERE for the full article.

This is yet another article that proves how various countries value swimming as an essential skill. Australia isn’t the first and only country to offer free swimming lessons. In fact, this has already been going on in other countries for quite some time and we believe many other countries will soon start to follow as well.

As mentioned previously, Singapore isn’t able to provide free swimming lessons at this present moment. However, the government still do strongly recommend every child to learn the skill. There are many lessons conducted at all the public swimming complexes in Singapore. Let’s not forget that in Primary school, the government has made it compulsory for every child to take up swimming. It may not be free, but it’s at a subsidised rate. That’s how important they view swimming to be.

Happy Fish Swim School recognises the need for swimming lessons too! We believe that every child has the opportunity to turn into a water baby. In fact, they should be given an opportunity to start when they are young. By building up their confidence from young, they will have higher self-esteem not just in the water, but generally in life too.