Just over the weekends, after a canoe capsized, two people had to swim for their safety. Thankfully, they managed to make it to shore without any harm. How did they do it?

The incident occurred in Innisfil, Canada in Cook’s Bay on Saturday evening. It involved two Mississauga residents, a man aged 27, and a woman aged 23. They were actually perch fishing when their canoe overturned. Thankfully, both of them had their life jackets on. Somehow they managed to swim safely to shore all the way in Gilford. From this, we can clearly assumed that both of them have some experience and training in swimming. If they had not, the odds of them making it to safety would have been much lower. When the paramedics arrived to the scene to check out of both of them, they decided they both of them didn’t require any further medical attention. Apart from them being extremely cold, everything else was alright. For more information, you can read the article here.

We have always been told of the importance of wearing a life jacket when we are participating in various water activities. This can range from kayaking to water sports to snorkeling and even fishing. However, some of us simply like to take our chances and forego the life jacket. Imagine yourself in a situation like these two adults. Without the aid of a life jacket, making your way to the shore would be a much steeper battle. In fact, you might not be able to make it as well. Therefore, in future whenever you decide to partake in such activities where a life jacket is provided, ensure that you put in on. It can be the sole determinant of life and death.

Apart from having their life jackets on, the two adults had to have some form of coaching in swimming. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been able to swim all the way back to shore. This is the reason why Singapore has always been emphasizing on the importance of learning to swim. You’ll never know when you may require such an essential skill. Imagine if the duo didn’t have any knowledge of swimming, it would have probably been a tragic ending for them.

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