Just this week on Monday, two teenagers from Oley Township in the United States were force to swim approximately  75 feet to shore after their car went airborne and straight into a pond. According to the township police, the incident occurred when they were racing with another car. Thankfully, both teenagers aged 18 and 16 were left unhurt in the accident.



As for the car, it ended up being partially submerged in a large pond on private property. According to a witness, the police was told that Zachary Fulmer, along with the driver of the other car, were abreast while speeding eastbound on Moravian School Road approaching the T-intersection with Deturk. “The driver blew through the intersection and traveled about 40 yards up a field and went airborne into the pond, about 75 feet from the bank,” explained Officer Michael Lentz.

Zachary mentioned that his brakes had failed as he was approaching the intersection. After a preliminary inspection of the car, it was confirmed that what Zachary stated was true. There was indeed some problems associated with the brakes. A man who was walking along Moravian School Road witnessed the incident and quickly made a call to a nearby business, where he is employed. From there, a further call was being made to the police to inform them of the incident. “He described the vehicles each passing him at an extremely high speed to the point that it frightened him as they blew by,” said Officer Michael.

As the car was left quite far out in the pool, more assistance was needed from the Exeter Township Fire Department scuba team in order to remove it. The diver managed to hook a line from a tow truck to the car, which was eventually pulled out from the pond. As of now, police are still doing further investigations on the case. However, Officer Michael stated that even though the brakes appear to be at fault, it still does not in any way excuse the speeding that happened before the accident. If you would like to know more about the story, be sure to check it out from here.

Thankfully, the two teenagers were equipped with swimming skills. If they were not, then everything could have ended it a tragedy. For those of you who may still be considering whether or not to take up swimming, Happy Fish Swim School would like to strongly recommend you to do so. You’ll never know exactly when such a skill may come in to good use. For more on the swimming lessons available, do check out our website.