Five swimmers who volunteered to be part of a fundraising swimming event in the United Kingdom had to be rescued by a lifeboat crew after getting into trouble.

These five rugby players were participating in the event in order to raise fund for a fellow team mate who had lost his legs after he was being knocked down by a police van on the A841 on the Isle of Arran just last month. The event started out at Peterhead marina and was suppose to end at Lido Beach. In all, there were twenty men who took part in this fundraiser. However, when five of them were seem to have troubles in the water, the Peterhead RNLI lifeboat took off and went to their rescue. Four of the five rugby players were managed to be pulled up by the Peterhead sea cadets into the life boats. The remaining player was taken to the safety of the marina, where he was treated by two off-duty nurses. The nurses contacted the coastguard for assistance to get the player to the hospital instead of waiting for an ambulance to arrive. He was taken to the hospital and found to be suffering from over exposure to the cold. Thankfully, all five players were eventually alright. Their courage and efforts didn’t go to waste though as the charity event managed to raise more than £23,000 for their fellow team mate. The efforts of these twenty individuals are truly commendable. At the same time, we have to realise that even some of the fit athletes have problems when it comes to swimming. Why is this so?

Firstly, these are rugby players and not swimmers. However, that doesn’t make it less risky for a swimmer to engage in such an event. The training and practices we engage into at our public swimming complex is far from similar from that of the open waters. Many people tend to overlook the fact that open waters are unpredictable due to waves and strong current. This would probably explain the reason for the five players who faced trouble when they were trying to make their way from the marina to Lido Beach. Although they had extremely good intentions in raising funds for their team mate, they fail to realise the danger that they could have actually gotten themselves into.

Honestly, it isn’t easy to get yourself prepared for such swims. You’ll definitely require more than basic swimming skills to begin with. However, you should be armed with survival skills as well just in case any incident like that were to occur. At Happy Fish Swim School, we concur that survival skills are essential. Hence, we have included a special program known as the Open Water SwimSafer Course for individuals who have interest in participating in various open water activities. This course provides them with an opportunity to experience the open waters along with a certified instructor.