Recently there is a video of a child being left to play alone near a pool on the 28 March 2014, which eventually result with the child nearly drowning. This video went viral on various social media and many could not help but to shake their head upon watching.

What happened?

From the video, we can see a child being left to play by himself near a pool. What went wrong from the very start is to leave a child alone, moreover near a pool, without any adult supervision. We all know leaving a young child unattended could be disastrous, especially when children are curious and active in nature, needless to say having a pool nearby, which is openly inviting accidents to happen!

What could be different?

Children can actually start swimming lessons as young as 4 to 6 months old to equip themselves with the basic water knowledge. By being able to do simple propulsion and have trained independence to hold onto the ledge, these simple gestures are enough to save a child’s life. Referring back to the video, the one over minute of time the child got into the water till getting noticed and picked out of it would be very different if he was able to propel a little back to the ledge and at least hold onto it until someone comes for him.

What could be done?

Knowing how to handle young children drowning incidents would be of a great help to obtain positive end results as well. Many adults may know the standard CPR, however Children CPR is only exposed to a small number of people. With Children CPR skill, you will be able to save a drowning child.


Remember, to have young children near or at a pool, always have adult supervision. Equip your child with the basic water knowledge and swimming/survival skills and equipping self with the saving skills such as Children CPR. These will save the child’s life someday.

Accordingly to RightThisMinute broadcast posted on the 2 April 2014, the hosts mentioned that the child survived from the incident, fortunately.