Every year on the 25th of December without fail, Brighton beach will attract a crowd over. This is because they have an annual Christmas day swim where members of the Brighton Swimming Club would brave the cold weather and icy waters in front of hundreds of spectators. Unfortunately for this year, the swim had to be called off on the eve of Christmas due to the bad whether. The Brighton and Hove City Council had no choice but to close the beach.



According to the council, conditions were predicted to be “extremely dangerous” for even the most experienced of swimmers, with winds of up to 30mph, a high tide as well as a heavy sea swell forecast. At the same time, the water during this time of the year is said to be extremely cold, with an average of approximately five degrees.

This Christmas day swim event has been organised by Brighton Swimming Club every single year without fail since 1860. It normally takes place near Brighton Pier in the early morning. For the previous year, it was only opened to the members of the club due to the strong winds. As for this year, the event was totally cancelled and council staff even put up signs to keep the public up to date of the temporary closure. They also assisted in providing advice regarding the conditions.

“It can be tempting to have a splash in the sea at Christmas, but it’s absolutely not worth putting yourself at risk. Not only could you be caught out by the strong currents, but the sea temperature is extremely cold this time of year. We will be monitoring the weather on the day and will be advising people about safety. The conditions are already hazardous, with the forecast set to get worse, so as a last resort we will be closing the beach tomorrow. We want people to be able to enjoy the beach, but safety is a top priority,” explained Viki Miller, the seafront manager, on the eve of Christmas and of the event.

“We are quite happy with the responsible decision the council has made – safety comes first,” added Margaret Tuppen, the president of Brighton Swimming Club. If you would like to learn more about the story, you can do so from here.

This responsibility can also be seen from the lifeguards here in Singapore. If the whether does not permit swimming, even if there is no rain yet, these lifeguards would close the pool in the public swimming complex. Hence, you can rest assure that your children will always be swimming in safe conditions. If you are looking for Swimming Lessons For Kids, be sure to check out Happy Fish Swim School.