A parent’s love for their child is unconditional even if it means risking their own life. The father of a six year old son came to his son’s rescue after the swimming instructor and lifeguard failed to do so. To the disbelief of many, this event actually took place in a public swimming pool at Stoke Mandeville Stadium in the United Kingdom.

When you sign your child up for a swimming lesson, you are putting your trust in the instructor to ensure the safety of your child. This is exactly what Sean McDonnell, an eyewitness, did. However, to his horror, this wasn’t the case. It was on a Saturday morning when the incident took place. Sean was watching his own son participating in the swimming lesson from the viewing gallery before he noticed something wasn’t right with another boy.

“The boy was five or six feet from the edge and suddenly he stopped swimming and started to float. His body just moved with the movement of the water. The instructor just stood on the side looking at the child not moving and the lifeguard on duty stayed sat in their seat and never attempted to move. Two members of the public ran to the poolside shouting to get him out of the water. The man (believed to be the son’s father) dived into the pool and grabbed the child as he was sinking. He was the first person in the water. I found the whole situation completely unbelievable,” stated Sean.

Although this might have been a one sided story, it seems like the trust that was put in the instructor was broken. Another source also described the same scenario, which makes it even more disappointing. However, a statement was realised from the stadium saying:  “Our lifeguards and swimming instructor carried out their duties and assisted a swim school pupil from the swimming pool.”

We do not know who is in the wrong here. However, it is the responsibility of the swimming instructor to ensure the safety of all the students. Furthermore, the lifeguard on duty is suppose to be the one that is alert and first to react at all times. This doesn’t seem like the case though. As a parent, you have to keep a look out for your child at all times. It is recommended that you remain in the swimming complex for the entire lesson just in case something like that were to occur. Even if you are unable to swim, you can still alert the instructor or lifeguards on duty should you notice something wrong.

At Happy Fish Swim School, we only provide certified swimming instructors. We believe that safety for your child is priority and it will not be compromised. At the same time, we would recommend you to equip yourself with swimming skills by learning from our Adult Swimming Lessons.