At only 26 years of age, Alexander Dale Oen was a promising swimmer to represent Norway for the upcoming London Olympics 2012. In fact, he was Norway’s best bet to achieve a medal for the London Olympics. During the Beijing Olympics in 2008, he managed to bag a silver medal and more recently, in July, he won the 100m breaststroke at the World Championships in Shanghai

Unfortunately, the young star will not be able to represent Norway in the London Olympics or for that matter, any other future swimming competitions. He passed away just this week on Monday at a training camp in Flagstaff, Arizona. According to Per Rune Eknes, the Norwegian swimming federation president, Dale Oen died after apparently suffering from a cardiac arrest. He was found collapsed in his bathroom floor on Monday. He was then taken to the Flagstaff Medical Center and pronounced dead.

This came as a shock to the entire swimming community as nobody had suspected the young prospect to be faced with health issues. None of them would have thought that a swimming champion would suffer from cardiac arrest. Many international athletes sent their condolences on Facebook and Twitter.

Life is fragile and even the ones who seem to be the fittest can have their lives taken away in just a split of a second. The death of Alexander Dale Oen acts as a reminder to everyone that cardiac arrest can occur to anyone without any warning. Such tragedies are hard to predict, but were there ways in which it could have been prevented? That’s also not easy to judge. However, it is recommended that individuals attend a yearly routine checkup to ensure that their body is working normally. These checkups could potentially help to indicate any abnormal behaviour and perhaps, help to prevent such cardiac arrest from occurring.

Let us also keep in mind that swimming wasn’t the cause of Alexander’s cardiac arrest. In fact, it is what that has been keeping him fit for years. Swimming is still one of the best sports to work out your entire body. Hence, we shouldn’t be afraid of it. Instead, we should embrace it. I’m sure that Alexander Dale Oen would have wanted to inspire others by convincing them to take up swimming. The best way to pay tribute to his death is to take up swimming lessons.

Happy Fish Swim School would like to send our condolences to Alexander Dale Oen, a true champion. RIP.