Her past three attempts to swim from Cuba to Florida was not successful, but Diana Nyad is not giving up just yet. On Saturday, the veteran US endurance swimmer set out on her fourth attempt to accomplish what she had set out to do previously. It is already such a courageous act for her to brave the waters as well as the weather, but what is more admirable is that she will be swimming without a shark cage.


The latest news we have received so far is that she was attacked by a jellyfish only after five hours into her 165-kilometer (103-mile) swim. “At 8:40 pm (0040 GMT Sunday) Diana was stung on the neck by an Olindias formosa jellyfish (aka Flower Hat Jelly), which is indigenous to the area. She was treated with topical cream, remained calm and continues to swim,” reported her support team.

The worst part of it all was that she was stung not once, but a total of four times as she pushed forward. Even a shark diver on her support team was stung, but all of them decided to progress. “At 12.5 nautical miles (20.1 kilometers), Diana has been backstroking for an hour, rather smoothly. She looks very good,” stated Steve Munatones, an observer.

Diana is turning 63 on Wednesday, but her age is not stopping her from achieving what she set out to do the previous three times. She was actually delayed for a day due to poor weather conditions. Nonetheless, she is now making her way across with only a blue and black bathing suit and a blue swim cap. She estimated that the swim would probably take her about 60 hours. Her determination has always been there since she was a child. “When I was five years old, I used to stand on the beach (in Florida) and I said to my mother: I wonder if anybody could swim over there” to Cuba, she said.

She was the one who decided not to use a shark cage as it would boost a swimmer’s strokes. The head of Cuba’s Swimming Federation explained to the AFP what she actually meant. It is actually the protective device that significantly boosts a swimmer’s speed as it has the ability to make turbulence in the water. This will allow her to propel herself forward even faster than her normal speed.

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