They may have already been extinct for eons, but us humans always known them to be ruthless and menacing creatures that once walked this earth. Despite dinosaurs being extinct for over millions of years, researchers still continue to have a really keen interest in these behemoth predators. New research by Scott Persons, a graduate student from the University of Alberta, suggests that these enormous creatures had the ability to swim.

The research, which was published in the journal Chinese Science Bulletin, was conducted last summer in the Szechuan Province of China. Scott managed to discover evidence that suggested dinosaurs were actually good swimmers. In fact, he found claw marks from dinosaurs at the bottom of a river bed that seemingly demonstrated the swimming motion known as a dog paddle. “It is not a surprise some could swim, but what is significant is that they would swim for a quite a while,” he stated.

According to the researchers, the markings that were found covered a total distance of 15 meters, or just under 50 feet. This also symbolise that dinosaurs were capable of using coordinated leg motions to travel through water. “The dinosaur’s claw marks show it was swimming along in this river and just its tiptoes were touching bottom,” explained Scott.

Scott believes that the uncovered claw marks belong to a feathered Sinocalliopteryx, which is an early tyrannosaur, that existed in that region of China over hundred million years ago. Aside from that claw marks of the Sinocalliopteryx, there were also fossilized footprints from sauropods and ornithopods found. “We found evidence of six or eight individual animals, all headed in the same direction, moving together as if they were part of a herd. It looks as if they used the river bank as a superhighway. It is a really spectacular area. We are not done with it yet,” said Scott, who has plans to conduct more research in the region.

“From dinosaurs we’ve learned about colour vision in some of today’s animals, and the ancient animals are linked to the evolution of other life we take for granted, like birds and flowering plants,” he added. If you would like to read more, you can click here and here.

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