Julie Christie is a 55 year old woman who is confined to a wheelchair. Despite being wheelchair-bound, she is quite different from others. What makes her different is that she intends to swim two miles to raise money for the Cancer Research United Kingdom.


Julie, a former hospital mammographer, suffered a stroke in 2001 as well as a car accident a couple of years ago. This has led her to become weaker down the left-hand side of her body. Despite her disability, she mentioned that she was still determined to complete the swim. According to her, she wanted to “encourage other people and let them know that they can push themselves and achieve something” aside from helping to raise money for the charity. The swim is set to be taken place on the first of November at the George Campbell Leisure Centre. Julie stated that she was also motivated to raise money for breast cancer awareness after a family member of hers passed on from the illness in 2009. “It’s huge. It is a very lucky person who hasn’t witnessed or experienced something with cancer, whether it is friends or family,” she explained.

Julie, who is currently residing in March since moving from King’s Lynn, started swimming four years ago at the George Campbell Leisure Centre. Since then, she has become a regular there and can be spotted diving in from her wheelchair from the steps on the edge of the pool. Once she is inside the pool, she is being assisted during her time in the pool by the staff from the leisure centre. In order for her to generate movement forward, she has had to work on her upper body strength. Apart from that, she also uses her right leg to generate power.

Previously, she also required the aid of the staff to get her out of the water. However, with the implementation of new steps at the pool, she is now able to get herself out and back into her wheelchair, making life much easier for her as well. On an average hour, she is capable of completing a total of 64 laps of the George Campbell’s pool. Based on that calculation, she estimates that for charity swim will take between two to three hours to accomplish. For the full story, please do check it out here.

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