Cramps in the legs are some of the most bothersome things to deal with when swimming. These cramps can occur because of a variety of different types of factors that one gets into when swimming.

The first factor as to why you cramp during swimming comes from how your muscles might not be too strong. Cramps occur mostly in people who are weak in build and not very powerful. Muscle fibers can be less likely to be able to handle the pull of the water and be able to handle the pressure that comes from the water. When this occurs a person can end up getting cramps if one’s muscles are weak.

Fast kicking motions tend to cause cramps more often than anything else. If you are kicking very fast when you are in the water then you will be more likely to develop leg cramps. This comes from how the number of muscle contractions you would have to deal with will increase. As a result your muscles will become tired and more likely to cramp up due to the increased activity that you had with them.

Another part of this comes from how the ankles can push off of a wall in a hard manner. While you might do this to propel yourself in the water when going from one lap to another you should be careful because this can cause cramps. The constant flexing of your ankles can cause your legs to become tight and therefore cause cramps.

Perhaps you might feel tense when you are getting into the water. You should be sure that your mind is clear and that you are relaxed when getting into the water before swimming so that you can prevent cramps. This comes from how stress and worry can cause tensions in the body that can cause the body to feel uncomfortable and tight. This can cause cramps when in the water.

The last reason comes from how you might be tired when getting into the water. If you swim after a hard workout the loss of electrolytes in your body from sweating can cause your body to lose energy and therefore make cramps more likely to occur.

These are good considerations to see with regards to why you cramp up when you are swimming. Your cramps can be caused by the motions you make in the water or your general condition when in the water. These can be contributing factors to the pains that you might have to deal with.

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