Before starting on the topic for today, on behalf of Happy Fish Swim School, I would like to wish all readers a Happy Lunar New Year! Hopefully the year of the dragon will usher in more prosperity and happiness for you. As we continue to celebrate Chinese New Year, always be reminded of how easily drowning can take place. Hence, if you do decide to go for a swim this festive season, ensure that you take all necessary precautions to prevent drowning from occurring.

It was an unfortunate and tragic Friday for 64 year old, Earl Scofield, who drowned at a Blossom Athletic Center swimming pool. According to reports, his wife, Annetta Scofield claims that Earl was a strong swimmer and they would swim together two to three times a week.

The incident occurred on Friday when Annetta noticed her husband at the bottom of the pool. She called for help and three lifeguards came to her aid. They pulled Earl out and conducted CPR, but it was already too late. Earl did not manage to survive. There were many comments from the public questioning the lifeguards. There were three of them, but none realised the drowning? Were they sleeping on their job?

The truth is that we can’t judge such things. Drowning can occurred in just seconds. As mentioned in previous posts, drowning is a silent killer. Contrary to popular belief, you won’t see a drowning individual yelling for help or waving their hands frantically. Furthermore, there are many swimmers who stay underwater to improve on their breathing techniques. Although there were three of them in total, they are usually divided into different sections around the area. Hence, we can’t really fault the lifeguards for not doing their job.

This article highlights how quickly and silently drowning can occur. One should never underestimate how easily drowning can take place, even in a public swimming complex. In fact, it doesn’t even give you much time to think or react. Therefore, always be aware of your own limits and do not push yourself so far to the extend of drowning. If you’re unable to stay underwater for long periods, don’t push yourself. Give yourself time to practice and train, and you’ll be able to reach your goal in a matter of time. It’s definitely not worth risking your life.

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