Last Friday was the FINA/ARENA Swimming World Cup 2011, where we witness the return of Ian Thorpe. He was probably one of the more well known Australian swimmers who left an impact on the Olympics. The 29-year old has won a total of 11 world titles and set 13 individual world records during his time. So how will a comeback did he stage? Let’s find out…


Unfortunately, the Australian failed to make a huge impact on his comeback after more than five years. In the above clip that you just witnessed, he only managed to achieve a seventh place in the 100-meter individual medley final. As for the 100-meter butterfly event, his timing of 54.09 seconds didn’t manage to qualify him for the finals.

The Australian did mention that he was disappointed with his performance as he felt he could have been faster. However, he did admit that it was a reality check for himself too. Apart from that, he felt happy with his progress since he started training three months back. For Ian Thorpe, his next race will be taking place next week in the Beijing’s World Cup.

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