An Hispanic family’s picnic outing ended in tragedy over the weekends. The incident took place on the Palm Avenue pond near Biggs, in the Oroville Wildlife Area, California when the father of the family decided to take both of his children out on a yellow raft. Apparently, both of his children, a 5 year old and a 2 year old, were already equipped with life vests.

According to eye witnesses, the pond was relatively calm. Many of them suspected that the drowning was caused by the many reeds and weeds in the pond. The children’s mother, who does not speak English, indicated to the investigators that her 2 year old fell into the water after standing up and losing balance. This prompted the child’s father to immediately jump into the pool to assist.

The mother mentioned that the father did actually know how to swim. Hence, investigators suspected that he could have possibly gotten tangled up in the reeds. After hearing the screams of help from the mother, a nearby angler, fishing with his two of his children, ran to aid the father and child. The fisherman did not know how to swim very well, but he still jumped into the pond to try and save the father and toddler. He was successful in getting both of them out of the water and onto dry land. Unfortunately, by then the father was already lifeless, according to witnesses. Witnesses also stated that the toddler was still alive. The fisherman tried performing CPR on the father, while his children dialed 911. As the fisherman’s children were able to describe the location, rescuers were able to get to the scene of the accident more quickly.

When rescuers arrived at the scene, they tried to revive the father but to no avail. They had to pronounced him dead at the scene. As for the toddler, they quickly took him to the hospital. Unfortunately, the 2 year old did not make it either and was pronounced dead in the hospital. It was an extremely tragic incident indeed, but rescuers still acknowledged the heroic efforts of the fisherman and his children, who tried their best to save the family. For the full story, you can check it out here.

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