It’s merely 99 more days to the London Olympics 2012. Everyone around the world is eagerly anticipating the event once every four years. However, Team Singapore Chef de Mission Jessie Phua has indicated that the pool of athletes participating this year will probably be lesser compared to four years ago in Beijing.

“Qualifying for this year’s Olympics in London is tougher as the slots are reduced. For example in swimming, those who met the ‘B’ time will probably need to be as good as those who met the ‘A’ time in order to go.” she explained. Under revised rules, swimmers who meet the ‘B’ qualifying mark will have to depend on invitations in order to compete in the London Games. In other words, only swimmers who managed to meet the ‘A’ time are guaranteed a spot in the London Olympics. In this case, the only swimmer who has met with the ‘A’ timing so far is Florida-based Joseph Schooling. As for the swim queen of Singapore, Tao Li, who achieved a fifth position during the last Olympics in Beijing, she managed to clock one of the world’s best ‘B’ timings (58.78 seconds) in the 100m butterfly event. In fact, her timing isn’t very far off from that of the ‘A’ time for this event, which is 58.70 seconds.

Apart from Joseph Schooling and Tao Li, the other Singaporean athletes who have qualified so far are from other sports. The full article can be found here.

Swimming has been one of the biggest sports in Singapore and our swimmers have been making a huge impact in both the SEA games and Olympic games. Even though we might not have as many swimmers participating in the upcoming London Olympics 2012, we are still going to be behind both Joseph Schooling and Tao Li. Such individuals are role models and inspirations for younger aspiring swimmers.

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