Before getting into the full story, here’s the video taken by the fisherman himself, to relate the story.


This actually happened in the Gulf of Mexico. As you can see from the video, there is no land that can be seen. Even the fisherman had to kayak to where he was. This shows how far the poor dog had been swimming. Thankfully, the dog found his saviour if not it would have probably drowned.

The truth is that dogs don’t usually frequent the open waters. Furthermore, they would never have swum so far out! This dog swum approximately half a mile according to the video. That is equivalent to about 800 metres, which is 16 laps of your Olympic pool. Let’s not forget that it took place in the open waters where waves and current play a huge factor. Let’s also not forget that the poor guy is a dog. So what actually happened?

There are many sources with regards to the story, but ultimately it all boils down to one issue, which is drink driving. What actually happened was that a 53 year old Sarasota woman was walking her dog when she met with a tragic hit and run accident. The lady was killed and found on the side of the road. The dog was injured too, but it survived the accident. It took off and ran till there was no land remaining. That was how it ended up swimming. Even after the fisherman rescued it, the dog was still shivering with fear rather than cold.

Since the video was uploaded on youtube, the dog has returned to its owners and the drunk driver has been found. The driver now faces charges including DUI manslaughter, DUI property damage and personal injury. Click to read more about the Sarasota DUI crash and the fisherman rescuing the dog.

As Chinese New Year is approaching in less than 2 weeks, Happy Fish Swim School would like to remind all readers not to drink and drive. Always remember that there are other lives at stake too. Also, like we mentioned above, the open waters differ vastly from that of the public swimming complexes. Therefore, why not arm yourself with open water swim skills? You should always take extra precautions as you’ll never know when it may come in handy.