Just yesterday, five school girls drowned tragically when they went to take bath in a tank at Pothampatti, near Arupukottai, in the Virudhunagar district of India. According to the police force, a total of seven school girls went off to take a bath in a tank located on the outskirts of the village. Due to the rainfall over the past week, the tank had received copious water and was slushy.

The five girls have been identified as  G Kalaiselvi aged thirteen, R Ramya aged fifteen, S Ponmani aged ten, M Matharasi aged thirteen and her sister M Ramya aged eight. The police added that these five girls might have got trapped in the sludge on the tank bed. As for the other two girls, they managed to escape unharmed as they did not enter into the tank. “They have gone deep into the waters and got trapped in the sludge. The two girls who witnessed the drowning of the five are yet to fully recover from the shock. They could not describe the event in a coherent manner,” stated a police officer. The police also mentioned that none of the girls knew how to swim.

After the girls failed to return back home, their parents grew concerned and started searching for them in the usual places where they would play. This was when the two girls who escaped rushed back to the village to inform the parents about what had happened at the tank. As the shocked parents rushed to the tank, the other villagers assisted by contacting the police and fire service personnel. Upon being notified, the fire service personnel rushed over to the spot and recovered the bodies of the five girls.

The incident came as a real shock for the entire village and also plunged them into gloom. According to the villagers, these girls rarely visited the tank. “They rarely went to the tank. But since it was a Sunday and the tank was brimming with water, they might have been lured to take a bath,” said the police. For the full story, you can read it from here.

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