A grand experience is exactly what Haldimand County located in Canada, is offering to residents. Over the course of four days, the Lifesaving Society’s “Swim To Survive” program will be offered to children, youths and adults at absolutely zero cost. So what’s up with the generousity? Firstly, knowing how to swim has become more of a necessity rather than simply an additional skill. Once individuals have gained the skill, there will be lesser tragic drowning cases as well.

Furthermore, the program focuses on survival skills in the water such as an unexpected fall into deep water. This is one of the first few crucial steps in water safety. Aside from that, the program also teaches proper orientation to surface after an unexpected fall, supporting oneself at the surface and swimming to safety. Although the program teaches survival skills in the water, it would be advised that one still continues taking up swimming lessons as this program isn’t considered to be a replacement.

“The Lifesaving Society believes swimming is a life skill which all children and adults need to learn. About half of Canadian children never take traditional swimming lessons, even though swimming is the second most popular activity (after bicycling) in Canada among school-aged children. The Society’s research shows that most drownings occur close to safety, and it believes that if every child in Canada could pass the “Swim to Survive” standard, drownings would be reduced by half” said Lynda Kissner, the recreation programmer of Haldimand County.

The purpose of the program is to make sure that every child and adult has the basic survival skills if they were to unfortunately fall into water. “Given that 61% of drownings occur in lakes, ponds, rivers, streams and waterfalls, it only makes sense for the County to be proactive about improving the swimming skills of our children and residents. We’re very pleased to be able to offer the “Swim to Survive” program to our residents free of charge” stated Lynda.

As mentioned survival skills in the water only act as a complement for swim skills. Therefore, both of the skills are just as essential in ensuring a safe and good swimming experience. At Happy Fish Swim School, we offer Swimming Lessons from infants to adults. At the same time, we also have an Open Water course that focus on survival skills in the open waters and a Lifesaving course that teaches more on survival and rescue skills. For more information, click on the various links to visit our website!