Well, we have seen articles on various countries offering swimming lessons to their citizens. Now, New Zealand is also playing their role by offering free swimming lessons to nearly 40,000 children in Auckland. In all, they are putting aside a total of $500,000 into funding these swimming lessons for parents who are unable to afford them.


In New Zealand, many children are missing out on the opportunity to learn swimming as their schools cannot afford to keep their pools open. In fact, only an astounding 20% of 12-year-olds have basic swimming skills. This figure is extremely low if you were to compare that with Singapore. Sport Auckland’s chief executive, Daniel Gerrard stated that groups of children will have eight to ten lessons a year over a four-year period, summing up to a total of up to 40 lessons. He also mentioned that Water Safety NZ has acknowledged it needs professionals teaching the children how to develop their swimming skills. Just like in Singapore, the Singapore Sports Council only allows certified swimming instructors to conduct swimming lessons around Singapore. These instructors will have to go through several courses before they are deemed certified. This is to maintain the safety, quality and professionalism in lessons to prevent any accidents from occurring.

“These guys make a living out of getting kids wet and getting them moving through the water. They’ll be able to get the kids that are afraid of the water and actually work purely on a confidence angle. Children who are able to move through the water already will have their swimming abilities developed further.” Gerrard said. This is the responsibility of swimming instructors, even those in Singapore. The first and main priority is to build up the water confidence of beginners. Once they feel more confident and comfortable in the water, instructors will then begin to prepare them for the strokes.

Although there aren’t any free swimming lessons offered in Singapore, they still do come at a more than reasonable price. By simply investing approximately $70 a month, you’ll be able to obtain knowledge and skills on swimming. The best part is that you’ll be able to keep that with you for the rest of your life. Furthermore, such a skill can always come in handy when face with a drowning situation. By having such skills, you could potentially save your life or that of another. For more information on available classes, check out Happy Fish Swim School. We offer swimming lessons for all! As long as you have the heart and passion to learn, we will be more than happy to assist you!