Previously, we’ve talked about free swimming lessons being offered to 120 lucky residents in Cardiff, United Kingdom. Today, we will be talking about FREE swimming lessons for primary school pupils in deprived areas of Scotland. So why are more countries offering free swimming lessons to their residents?

The Top Up Swimming Programme aims to provide 2,500 primary school children with swimming skills before they graduate from primary school. In all, it will cost the government approximately £420,000. However, all the 32 councils in Scotland are in favour of the programme. In fact, the free swimming programme was first launched in September 2010 with a funding of £800,000 from the Scottish government.

According to Scottish Sports Minister, Shona Robison, “Swimming is one of the best forms of physical activity for young people, which is why we are investing in the Top Up initiative to give children the opportunity to learn to swim and enjoy a lifelong activity. Learning to swim gives young people confidence in the water as well as a fun way of keeping active – something they can enjoy throughout their lives.”

This is also the ideal method of cultivating a healthy lifestyle from young. This is something that the Scotland government believes in. Apart from that, they view swimming as an essential skill for these kids. It is clear to them that these children shouldn’t be deprive of such an essential skill just because they are unable to afford it. If such were the case, thousands of children will never be able to experience the joy of swimming.

However, the most significant reason to arm these primary school children with swimming skills is to prevent drownings from occurring. Although drowning can happen to anyone at anywhere and anytime, having the necessary skills can potentially help to reduce the chances of such tragedies from occurring. The Scotland government didn’t mention this, but it is pretty obvious that they believe in it if not they weren’t have invested hundreds of thousands of pounds into the programme.

In Singapore, we feel the same way too. Although we are unable to offer free swimming lessons like that in UK and Scotland, we still do offer swimming lessons at an affordable rate. If the government is willing to make such an investment, then a parent should do the same for their child. Furthermore, you will be granting your child with a lifetime skill! For more information, check out Happy Fish Swim School and the Frequently Asked Questions about swimming. Always remember that a small investment like this will go a long way for your child!