This is what 120 lucky residents will be getting in Cardiff, United Kingdom according to this article. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer this in Singapore!

So apart from getting absolutely free swimming lessons, what else do these residents benefit from?

Firstly, the lessons will be delivered by fully qualified experienced Amateur Swimming Association (ASA), Level 2 swimming teachers and will follow the ASA Adult Learn to Swim framework. It is always recommended to learn from certified instructors and follow a syllabus. In Singapore, swimming instructors have to be certified by the Singapore Sports Council and either Swimming Teacher’s Association or Austswim. The SwimSafer syllabus is the one that is recommended by the Singapore Sports Council to be used.

Secondly, they get to enjoy eight weeks worth of lessons, which is equivalent to 8 lessons. What’s there to complain? They not just get a single lesson free, they get eight! However, the truth is that eight lessons can’t really cover the entire syllabus. It will probably allow one to build water confidence and learn very basic techniques such as breathing, floating and kicking. If one is looking to pick up various strokes, they should consider learning for a longer period. In Singapore, it is suggested to sign up for lessons on a term basis of usually 3 months.

Thirdly, they will be split into groups of no more than 12 in a class. This enables the attention of the instructor to be divided accordingly between the students, so that each of them will have an equal opportunity to learn. In Singapore, the group size for adults is usually between 8 to 12 students.

So why offer free swimming lessons?

Executive Member for Sport, Leisure and Culture, Cllr Nigel Howells explained the two significant reasons. Firstly, “Swimming is a low impact sport which can improve health and wellbeing and is accessible to everyone.” Secondly, “This will give those who have not had the opportunity to learn in the past, those who have a fear of water or are embarrassed about learning to swim the prospect of participating and enjoying a new skill which they will benefit from for the rest of their lives.”

At Happy Fish, we do agree with Mr Howells on the essential need to pick up swimming. In whichever way that you see it, you’ll still benefit from it. Although we are unable to offer free swimming lessons at the moment, it is still obvious that the benefits will outweigh the cost. Therefore, if you’re looking for swimming lessons, make sure to drop by our Swimming Lessons website! Swimming offers you countless benefits and we definitely hope to see you embrace it together with us.