An unfortunate event occurred in South Africa just this week. A family consisting of a 40 year old father, 71 year old grandmother and 12 year old girl were making their way across a bridge in Blue Valley Golf Estate in Midrand when disaster stroke. A storm was raging, which caused the bridge to be covered in water. In turn, their car was washed into the dam.

As the doors were locked and had a central locking system, the 12 year old girl was unable to get out. Her father advised her to stay in the car as it was safer. At that point of time, the car was still floating. However, when the car started to fill with water, the girl decided to climb out through the window and stayed on top of the car till she found a log to hang on to. With the knowledge and skills of the backstroke, she managed to get to the edge of the dam and on a tree branch, where she yell for help. Unfortunately, her father and grandmother did not manage to make it.

We always emphasize on the importance of swimming. This is a classic example of how swimming can save your life. Yes, such accidents should have been prevented, but things aren’t always predictable. However, if you armed yourself with swimming skills, your chances of survival will be much higher. What the 12 year old girl did was extremely courageous. Unfortunately, she was unable to save her family members. She did her best to get help, but by the time the search took place, it was already too late. For the full article, click here.

The open waters differ greatly from that of the swimming pool. It’s not easy saving your own life and she even anticipated going back to rescue her father and grandmother, but was stopped by the fidelity security guard. Lifesaving is not possible without learning the proper skills and techniques. Hence, if you have already obtained the basic swimming skills, you might want to consider progressing further into lifesaving. For more information on the course, you can check out our Lifesaving Course page.