Before the Michael Phelps era, there was an Australian who ruled the waters. We are talking about none other than Ian Thorpe, “Thorpedo”!

He was the freestyle great during his time who won five Olympic gold medals, the most by any Australian. Now, he’s staging his return at next month’s World Cup meet in Singapore. This will be his first return in more than five years to reclaim a spot in the Australia’s London Olympics team.  However, he’s changing things up a little this time. Although everyone expected him to compete in the 100m and 200m freestyle, he has beg to differ. Instead he will be competing in the 100m Butterfly and 100m individual medley next month in Singapore. You can read more about it HERE!

How will this affect Michael Phelps? More importantly, which one of these 2 will claim the throne in swimming? Or will there be an upset instead from an underdog? Let’s not forget about Ryan Lochte, who defeated Phelps in the Shanghai FINA World Championships. The competition looks like it’s going to be intense! Who’s going to come up on top? What do you think?