Thanks to all Happy Fish supporters.

We will be starting a totally new program for corporate, institutions, childcare and organizations. Frankly speaking, we had some clients who send their organization to Happy Fish for swimming lessons way before we decided to start this program at corporate level. From all the experiences we had with them, we learn that their objectives of learning to swim is different. Some may want us to focus on team building, bonding. Some may want us to build their stamina and water awareness. Some may want to pick up the skill in the shortest time.

Hence, we find that corporate swimming lesson is not just about teaching people swimming… What will include in that is consultation and communication. Understand what our clients want and give effective advises play vital role in organizing such events. What you can expect from Happy Fish is that, we will discuss in details and customize a suitable program for your institution, organizations, childcare and organizations.

The pricing and details will be publish on our website soon. Stay tuned!