In about a week’s time, Happy Fish Swim School will be launching our infant aquatics group classes at Fitness Network in South Buona Vista. For those who are still keen in signing up, please do so fast as slots are running out. You do not need to be a member to sign up. If you are still considering, perhaps this short video could aid you in your decision. From this video, you will be able to have a rough idea of what is going to be taught in the class and also the skills that your baby will be able to pick up.


One of the main purpose of our infant aquatics class is to get your child to be more familiar around the water. During this process, they will be able to explore the water without compromising on their safety. Some of the other things that we have incorporated into our baby swimming lessons include breath control, submersion, free floating and propulsion. By attaining these skills when they are much younger, they will have a smoother transition in future when they pick up the various swimming strokes.

Although infants might still be young, that does not mean that they are unable to understand instructions. When it comes to breath control, verbal and kinesthetic trigger will be given to indicate to them when they will need to hold their breath. Overtime, they will know and understand on their own when the technique needs to be used. For submersion wise, humans tend to be less fearful when they are still young. This gives us the opportunity to develop confidence in your baby while they discover the freedom of buoyancy. Free floating is important as it allows one to feel more comfortable in the water and not rely on any floats or assistance. This helps to develop their water confidence as well as independence. Our infant aquatics class also touch on propulsion, which is basic hand paddling and leg kicking action. This will make it a lot easier for them to learn the proper strokes in future.

Apart from giving your child the chance to pick up new skills, our classes will also enable you to have more family bonding time. So why not give it a go? For more information on our baby swimming lessons, you can refer to our website. Remember, slots are limited and running out real fast, so don’t miss out while you still can!