Ailish Douglas is a 14-year-old high school student from Barrhead High School in United Kingdom. Despite her young age, she felt that she had a part to play in helping the less fortunate. Through her efforts, she was able to raise nearly £500 for Alzheimer Scotland after swimming an equivalent of about two and a half kilometres in the town’s swimming pool last Friday. In short, she swam a total of 130 lengths in Barrhead Sport Centre’s 25 metre pool.

The third year student explained how she came to the decision of diving headfirst into the challenge after being inspired by her grandmother. “Charities like Alzheimer Scotland can make a lot of difference with the work that they do, and our family uses the services that they provide. I felt that I should be doing something to give something back and swimming is something that I enjoy and have been doing since I was four and invited people to sponsor me in my I can swim 100 lengths challenge,” she said.

Last summer, Ailish’s grandmother Pearl Potter, 87, moved 450 miles from England to join the rest of the family in their Paisley Road home. Her reason for moving is due to the severe memory difficulties she was suffering from. This has also caused the whole family to become more pro-active in spreading awareness of the disease throughout Scotland. For Pearl, she joined up with a national group that campaigns for a change in government policy towards the disease. “My gran joined the Scottish Dementia Working Group so she will be doing her bit as well to campaign for change. We are so proud of her – they are a national group whose members speak out themselves to change policy and get better services for everyone affected by dementia. I know they will use extra money well to make a real difference for a lot of people,” stated Ailish. If you would like to read more on the story, you can do so here.

Nowadays, it is quite a common thing for individuals to raise money for charities through swimming. The best part of it all is that both the charity organisation as well as the individual helping out gain benefits out of it. The individual gets to lead a much healthier lifestyle through the multiple practice sessions before the event. As for the charity organisation, they will get to help others who are in need. Whichever way you see it, it’s still a win-win situation. Happy Fish Swim School believes that every Singaporean deserves the opportunity to pick up this life skill. We recommend starting from a young age, so check out our Swimming Lessons For Kids.