When you want to learn how to develop body streamline for freestyle swimming, you could practice out of the water. Having your body position and posture correct for freestyle swimming requires discipline on your part. Once you have the correct posture it will help you with any stroke that you do.

To learn how to develop body streamline for freestyle swimming, practice standing straight with your feet together and shoulders back first. Raise your arms so your hands are together and straight above your head.

Having a streamline body style will help you move through the water with more ease and speed.   Look at yourself in a mirror to make sure that your elbows are straight and your arms are directly over your ears. Having this position in the water will reduce any resistance as you move through the water.

Once you are in the water it is important to keep this position after you kick off or dive in. Kick from your hips so you are not bending your legs, keep your legs as straight as possible. Practice kicking from your hips, it is part of how to develop body streamline for freestyle swimming.

Another way to practice body position out of the water is to lie on your side, remember to keep your body as straight as an arrow to have the best streamline position for moving through the water.

When you are lying on your side, outside of the pool, put your bottom arm straight out in line with your body and your palm flat on the floor. Your top arm should be tight against your thigh. Rest your head on the shoulder that is closest to the floor with your face looking to the side.

You can practice your scissor kicking while you are lying on your side out of the pool, this will also help to strengthen your legs. It is a good exercise to do even when you are not practicing how to streamline your body for freestyle swimming. Remember to kick from the hip and not to kick from the knee, you want to keep your legs as straight as you can.

After practicing the techniques to keep your body straight out of the water you can practice in the water with your breathing. For breathing remember to only breath out when you turn your head, when you turn your head to the right to breath your left arm should be extended in front of you. Breathe out through your nose when your face is in the water. Keep the top of head down at all time.

Remember when practicing how to develop body streamline for freestyle swimming that you can practice when you are out of the water. Keep your body as straight as possible with your arm over your head so that they are in line with your ears. Keep the palms of your hands together and straight as an arrow.