When you swim you will need to do it with the most effective process possible. It helps to work to swim with a better stroke rate so that you can keep from having to use too much effort when you are swimming. Here are some tips to use to help you swim faster without having to do so much for it.

You should look see how your elbows move in the water. A problem that many swimmers have is that they do not bend their elbows properly. This causes their arms to work improperly and this can cause them to do more than what is needed in the water. Your elbows should bend at the right times. The arm you extend when swimming should have its elbow high up near the water’s surface. When the elbow bends after getting into the water the arms should have its fingers and wrist to the bottom. This movement makes it easier for your arms to collect and grab the water.

When moving your hands in and out of the water you should look to get a good breathing pattern going. An idea is to breathe away from whatever hand is going to be entering the water at a particular time. This can be used to help you to swim faster while keeping you from having to breathe any harder than necessary when swimming. As a result of this you will not get very tired from swimming and you can end up going further and faster.

Your back should be straight when swimming too. If you curve your back when you are swimming you can easily wear yourself out. This can make you work harder than necessary when swimming. By keeping your back straight you will be more successful when swimming because it will be easier for your body to be able to move gently through the water without the creation of a great amount of drag.

Working with a standard training pattern can be helpful too. With a good pattern going you can work to get yourself trained to help with improving your skills and speeds. Working with a standard type of workout set for about four weeks can be useful. It can even help you to increase your endurance levels so that you will not need to work so hard when swimming. Trying to cut times each week can help.

These are all useful tips for getting you to swim faster. With these you will be able to be more successful in the water against others. You won’t have to use too much of an effort in order to be faster in the water either.

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