He may have blew his chances at the London Olympics 2012 this year, but Ian Thorpe is not about to give up on swimming just yet. In fact, his defeat in the Olympics has only made him more fired up and determined to make a strong comeback. He is currently setting his sights on the World Championships next year, where he plans to make an impact and a statement.


The swimmer and part-time commentator is currently in Cannes at the MIPCOM entertainment market to promote his ABC documentary Ian Thorpe: The Swimmer. However, he will be heading home by this week and plans to follow up on his swimming training. Ian has been based in Switzerland, where he also trains.  He has just finished a special regime in Majorca and mentions that he has absolutely no regrets about setting his sights on the London Olympics earlier this year despite eventually missing out on competing. “I love swimming. The Olympics were only part of my decision to return,” he explained.

Although the Australian will be heading home, he has his sights set firmly on Rio Olympics in 2016. He believes that heading home will not interfere with his plans. Instead, it will provide him with the opportunity to catch up with family, friends and his dogs. “I really miss my dogs. Everyone else I can talk to on the phone. But they just try to eat it,” he joked casually.

At the same time, Ian is also excited about ABC looking to sell the documentary internationally. “I gave up an executive producer role when the ABC came in because of the quality the ABC would bring. I am proud of the documentary . . . and how it shows me, even quite raw at times,” he explained. He also felt that the filming process was not something easy for him. According to him, “it was taking the mask off and showing everyone what’s there”. Despite that, he is rather optimistic that it will sell well in the Asian market, where he is well known. So far, it has already been sold to Discovery Italy plus in-flight showings with Emirates, BA, Cathay Pacific and Air New Zealand. For the full story, you can read it here.

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