In Australia, the price of swimming lessons may not exactly be the cheapest of all things. Then again, it is still an essential skill that all parents should invest in for their children. For Lisa Power, a term of swimming lessons at the local council pool already cost her $300 for both of her kids. If you take that amount and multiply it by four terms or so over the course of five years, then we can understand why not every child is learning how to swim.

Just taking a look at the price of the lessons and adding in the annual inflation, it is definitely not the most favourable activity for those parents who are working hard to make ends meet. Furthermore, if you take into consideration those families with more than one child, some simply are not able to afford it. As for those single parents, this essential life-saving skill is drifting further away from their reach.

Despite the high cost of swimming lessons, Lisa still feels that it is a skill much required for all children. During this summer in Australia, there have already been a number of heartbreaking cases of drownings along with many near drowning cases. For Lisa, there is always the memory of spending one Christmas Day witnessing the body of a young man being pulled out from a dam right in front of his distraught parents and family. The young man actually couldn’t swim but he thought that he would be safe in a blow-up raft. Seeing the grief, shock and hysteria from his extended family was one of the toughest thing Lisa had to witness. For the full story, you can check it out here.

Last year alone saw a total of 291 people drowned in Australia. Out of that number, 31 of them were below four years old and nine were children aged between five to 14 years old. These are not mere statistics, they are the lives of precious sons and daughters, loved brothers and sisters. Summer in Australia definitely makes the water attractive for any individual to dip in, including those without any swimming knowledge. Therefore, at the end of the day, swimming skills is still a necessity and not a luxury. This goes the same for those living in Singapore, where we have an all year round warm climate to deal with.

As the new year approaches, perhaps one of your resolution should be signing up for swimming lessons? Over here at Happy Fish Swim School, we only provide certified swimming instructors to aid you and/or your child in your/his/her learning.