Everybody is aware that babies will normally look at their parents as role models. At this learning stage of their life, they tend to mimic the actions of their parents. Hence, anything that you as a parent do, be it good or bad, right or wrong, your baby would likely follow. This brings us to our topic today. If you want your infant to learn to swim, then you should set an example first. It will make a whole lot of difference when you as a parent are in the water with your child.


Firstly, it will definitely be much safer as you will have control over the well being of your child. Yes, the instructor will be there, but he/she has to take care of other babies too. Therefore, if you are able to swim, you will be able to prevent any accidents and/or mishaps from occurring. Water safety is placed at the top most priority when your child learns to swim. This is probably the most common practice among all countries. Even New Zealand¬†encourages parents to get involved with their child’s water safety. You can read more on the article here.

Secondly, your infant will feel more comfortable with your presence around. As you are the parent, chances are that they will listen more to you than to the instructor especially during the first few lessons as they do not recognise the instructor yet. Therefore, if you are able to swim, it will much easier for you to follow the instructions given and guide your infant.

Thirdly, if you are able to swim, you will be able to plan more water activities with your child. This will be much more exciting and fulfilling for them as well. They will feel much more eager to attend the next lesson. In turn, this can enhance their learning too. Furthermore, by organising water activities, it allows you to spend more time to bond with your child. This will never strengthen your relationship with your child.


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