Very often, we tend to forget the service that lifeguards perform and even take them for granted. This post shows how three Russian tourists were being rescued from different beaches (two in Colva, one in Baga) on Friday. Another domestic tourist was also rescued off Palolem beach, and administered first aid by lifeguards on duty. All these beaches are in India.

In Colva at around 5.40pm on Friday, approximately two hundred meters towards the left of the Colva lifeguard tower, two Russian tourists, 59-year-old Alvina Markovkina and 54-year-old Ludmila Alekseva went for a swim and ended up entering a no-swim zone. At that point of time, they were already in waist deep water. When they got caught in a strong rip current, they drifted 50 meters further. This was when they signaled for help. Thankfully, lifeguards Alex Cruz and Maruti Pednekar spotted them and rushed to their aid. They were both secured by the lifeguards and eventually, brought back to shore safely via a jet ski. They were both checked for injuries and once they were all cleared, they were released.

On the same day, another Russian was rescued by Drishti lifeguards at Baga beach. 35-year-old Alina Lazareva was swimming together with her husband at around 4.50 pm. She decided to venture 40 meters seawards despite warnings from the lifeguards not to. That was when she found herself in distress and unable to return back to shore. The lifeguards, who have been observing her after providing the warning, rushed to her aid with a rescue tube. They managed to bring her back to shore safely by securing her to the rescue tube. She was then allowed to go after she had been checked and cleared from injuries.

The last incident took place at the southern beach of Palolem, where a fisherman informed the lifeguard of a tourist who sustained injuries while they were launching a fishing boat and was bleeding heavily. The lifeguard immediately alerted the tower and rushed to the 40-year-old victim, who was found with a deep cut on his head and was bleeding profusely. The lifeguard provided the victim with first aid to try and stop the bleeding. However, it wasn’t effective and the bleeding continued. They decided to call the ambulance. Unfortunately, they did not receive any response, so they decided to take the victim to the hospital in their jeep. On the way there, they met the ambulance and handed the victim over. The full story can be seen here.

Lifeguards play a crucial and vital role in ensuring the lives of many. If you wish to become like them, check out Happy Fish Swim School’s Lifesaving Course today!