Introducing Lifesaving course

There were numerous people asking about lifesaving course since we started our school in 2008.

Since then, we have been searching for suitable lifesaving location, instructors and partners to work with on this project. As we think it is important to bring the best program to everyone, we finally get to know Kenneth who run the best lifesaving program at Fairway Country Club.

(The location is good with free parking lot, and no entrance fee is needed)

The instructor, Kenneth and his team has been teaching swimming and lifesaving for more than 5 years, showering with excellent feedback. We will bring this collaboration to a whole new level by providing affordable lifesaving to everyone. The fee for lifesaving is SGD60 per month (4 lessons) with one hour per week.

You may now find the classes available on our website at

Be someone’s hero. Save someone’s life!