Philippe Croizon is a Frenchman whose life took a drastic change during an electrical accident in 1994. While he was attempting to dismantle a television antenna from a house roof, he was hit by a 20,000-volt charge. Doctors had no other choice but to amputate his limbs after the incident. Despite not having any limbs, Philippe was determined not to give up on his dreams. During his recovery phase in the hospital, he watched a Channel swimmer on a television documentary and this gave rise to his own ambition.

He decided to swim around the world, divided into four separate legs. The first leg started off from Wutung in Papua New Guinea and ended in Pasar Skow, Indonesia. This leg alone took him close to eight hours to complete. “It was very, very hard. It took us an hour and a half more than we expected because we had to swim against the currents,” he said. In order for him to accomplish it, Philippe had to use special artificial limbs with flippers. Along his side was Arnaud Chassery, an able-bodied long-distance swimming champion.

“We’ve done the first stretch. Now we still have three to go,” stated the Frenchman. If everything goes to plan, the pair will continue with their second swim in the Gulf of Aqaba from Jordan to the Egyptian coast. Their third leg will then be from Africa to Europe across the Strait of Gibraltar. As for their final leg, it would be between Europe and North America, across the Bering Strait separating Russia from the American continent. This would probably be the most challenging of all as they will be swimming in waters that are close to zero degrees Celsius, making it even more tougher than it already is.

What is the purpose for Philippe to accomplish something like that? He simply wants to prove that there is no difference between disabled and able-bodied people as long as you set your mind to achieve something. At the same time, he is also trying to convey peace and solidarity. You can read more from HERE and HERE.

In all fairness, there aren’t many people who are as brave and motivated as the pair are. Respect definitely goes out to both of them. However, this also goes to show us that if someone who doesn’t have any arms or legs is capable of swimming, anyone else can too! It is simply a matter of heart and how much you want it. Even if you are an adult, it is never too late to pick up swimming. Give yourself a chance and check out Happy Fish Swim School’s Adult Swimming Lessons. Always remember not to give yourself an excuse for not being able to learn.