The limbless Frenchman is back again! This time, he is getting prepared to swim 25 km across the Red Sea from Taba in Egypt to Aqaba in Jordan. Previously, we had mentioned about him beginning his world swim. You can check that article out here. This is only his second of four legs in total.

In 1994, Philippe Croizon had to have all of his four limbs amputated after getting electrocuted by a current of more than 20,000 volts. He was trying remove a TV antenna from a roof and it went completely wrong. However, this has not prevented the 44 year old from making headlines because of the global swim that he intends to accomplish. So far, he has swum from Wutung in Papua New Guinea to Pasar Skow, Indonesia. This first leg alone already took him eight hours to complete. His current leg is estimated to take about 14 hours to finish. Just like in the first leg, Philippe will be using prosthetic limbs with flippers attached to assist him in his swim.

“I should leave Taba for Aqaba early in the morning. This could take from 12 to 14 hours, depending on the weather, currents and wind, I hope the sharks will not be hungry,” said Philippe.

“If things go as planned and I get the green light from the Egyptian authorities, I will swim from Africa to Asia on Friday,” Herald Sun quoted Philippe as saying. Along with Philippe, four others will be joining him. Arnaud Chassery, the 34 year old French long-distance swimming champion, who will be with him for the entire global swim, and three other disabled Jordanians.

In fact, Philippe had swam across the English Channel in 2010. His purpose for doing what he does is to highlight the abilities of disabled people to the rest of the world. At the same time, he hopes to convey a message of peace and solidarity. “I am here to show that disabled persons are sometimes gifted, regardless of differences like religion, politics and color,” stated Philippe.

Even after he completes this swim from Africa to Asia, Philippe isn’t quite done yet. Next month, he plans to take on the Strait of Gibraltar to swim swim between Europe and Africa. For the full story, check it out here.

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